A story appeared in the News Times this morning about a giant pink dinosaur statue that used to reside on Route 6 in Brewster, NY. The statue was the creation of Ronald Januzzi. He built the statue that sat out in front of the Dinosaur Gift & Mineral Shoppe, which he owned for many many years.

We talked about the article on the Ethan and Lou show this morning and it got me curious, because I grew up in Brewster and I don't remember the pink dinosuar. So, I started asking questions like, "when was it taken down?" and "where on Route 6 was it located?" Just based on the photo that appears in the article, my best guess was the location where Polo's Nightclub used to be. This was an incorrect guess, but it had the Ethan and Lou listeners burning up our phone lines. Thanks to them, we got some answers on the dinosaur and discussed three night clubs that used to live on Route 6. Here's how that went:

I have heard stories about the Fore N' Aft my whole life, but sadly, I was not around to enjoy the fun. Those who were around for it are having a HUGE reunion on Saturday October 6th at the Ives Concert Park in Danbury, which sounds like a hell of a time. Side bar — Ethan should have definitely remembered where the Fore N' Aft was, seeing as thought he hosted many i95 rock nights there many years ago, but what are ya' gonna do?

I do remember, as a kid, seeing a place called Polo's, which is what that same location became later. Then, when it was Streets North, I attended some teen night there. That was back in the day when they would let underage kids into bars to mix with adults who were drinking, as long as you "agreed" to not drink — HA!

The location was also host to Soho's, Safari Grill, and Miami Heat. There are some things I cannot remember and maybe some of you can help out. What was the timeline of these businesses? I know Fore 'N' Aft was first and Polo's came next. What was the order of these businesses after that, and where do the two suspicious fires fit in the timeline?

To answer this question, you have to be one of three things. Someone who really likes to party, a long time Brewster realtor or a super niche nightclub historian.

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