Get it while it's hot! Here is a chair that you can pick up and take home for the exciting price of FREE!

That's right this chair features a seat, a 10-year-old ergonomic design, and is broken in 4 to 31 places. Also, if you act now, we will throw in this mystery radio station debris:

Lou's phone

This community fart station is available now and now only. ACT Fast! Demand is high. We have received many phone calls. This chair has hosted the asses of Lou Milano, Ethan Carey, Pam Brooks, Tim Sheehan, Large Dave and several thousand faceless, nameless sales executives.

The irony here is that if you want this chair you are NOT "free." If this chair is of any interest to you, YOU ARE A PRISONER of something. The kind of person who takes a 10-year-old broken chair from a radio station is indicating they have deep emotional despair. It's a cry for help.

Lou's phone

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