How often should I have my well water tested for potability?

Foley’s Pump Service recommends to have your water tested once a year.

What is an EPA Chlorination?

A EPA chlorination is when we shock the well with a strong dose of chlorine, usually in the event of bacteria present in the well. In some cases of heavy sulfur smell (rotten egg) this would be done as well.

This is done by introducing two types of chlorine in the well then running this treated water through the entire house making sure chlorine in present at every tap and allowing the chlorinated water to sit in the system for 24hrs. This is to make sure all bacteria is eliminated.
When having a EPA chlorination performed be prepared to not be able to use the water (other than toilets) for the first 24hrs. Chlorine will be present at lower levels for 4-7 days. Much like city water.

When purchasing a new home should I schedule a general well inspection and/or a flow test?

Much like a home inspection a well inspection and a flow test are always a good idea. These tests will make you the buyer aware of what that well & equipment are capable of and if they are sized appropriately for your family’s needs. Do not confuse a home inspector’s version of a yield test. Our flow test will get down to the gallons per minute (GPM) of the well to give you a more accurate assessment.

What to expect after my well pump is replaced?

When any well work is done there is a few things to keep in mind. Sediment, air, and discolored water are very common and are to be expected. This is caused when the well pump is either moved or pulled from the well. Naturally movement in the well is responsible for this. In most cases this will dissipate within 12-24hrs. Some wells are worse than others and may take a few days to clear up. If a cartridge filter is present in the system this may need to be changed in a few days especially if there is a loss of pressure in the house.

What is a compressed air service?

A compressed air is needed in the event you have a galvanized or bladderless tank. This service is done in a maximum of 1 year although some need to be done every 3-6 months. The reason for a compressed air is simple. As time goes on you naturally lose the air charge in your tank causing the water level to rise and your pump cycle to shorten. When your pump cycle gets too short you will start to see a fluctuation in your water pressure. This is your pump turning on and off rapidly and is very bad for your pump system. In a short time, this will cause something to break.

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