Don't think you need a flu shot this year. Given the horrible stories about flu deaths, you should think again.

Getting a flu shot. It's one of those things that many people shrug at and think it won't help me. That is so far from the truth, as evidenced by the last few weeks in Connecticut and beyond, with story after story about the need for the public to take action.

And if you think a story like that is just about the older population, nothing is sadder than this recent death.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health just posted this information on their website:

In effort to protect the public’s health and reduce the spread of the influenza (flu) virus which has heavily affected the state, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) is teaming up with local health departments to provide free or low cost influenza vaccine at several locations across the state on Saturday, January 27th.

DPH strongly encourages all Connecticut residents over the age of 6 months to get a flu shot, and is working with local health departments and districts to make it easy to get one.

Please, I urge you to take advantage of getting a flu shot right now. For more information, locations and hours go to

In addition to the schedule posted for the state Flu Vacination day, Saturday Jan. 27th, many local health departments around the state are conducting on-going flu clinics. If you can't make it on Jan. 27th, please check with your local health department for upcoming flu clinics. Click here to find your local health department.

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