Florida you say? According to the Orlando Weekly, the Florida Man Festival will kick off November 30th at the Orlando Amphitheater and is headlined by Weezer. Also on the bill is Young the Giant, Bishop Briggs and Cold War Kids. It's will be hosted by a radio company out of Central Florida. (They are not my company)

Florida has become the butt of jokes by anyone who has access to the internet. From radio shows like mine, to the best stand up comedians in the country to TV shows everyone takes their shots at Florida.

It does seem like Florida is asking for it though. I am someone who scours the internet for news stories about stupid criminal acts and I can tell you that the state of Florida is a giving tree for material.

The phenomenon has birthed websites like Florida Man. Their top story this morning tells the tale of a man who reported a dead body by bringing a human skull to Publix. Then there is the guy who jammed a hundred dollars worth of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee down his pants in an attempt to steal them.

You can buy "Florida Man" t-shirts and Reddit even has their own Florida Man discussion thread. The Onion takes it's fair share of shots at the Florida Man, the list goes on and on. Anyone who writes jokes, has a Florida Joke.

This Florida Man Music Festival kinda has me scratching my head though. If you hold a concert IN Florida, whose very name shames and ridicules some of it's residents, might there be some blow back?

Is the "Florida man" likely to figure out the joke is actually on him?  No. However, if he does, we could have a problem here. I mean they might start to know something is up when 3 Doors Down fails to appear on stage or they run out of Coors Light. Do you want an army of sleeveless men with rebel flag bandanna's storming the stage like drunken zombie's screaming "Free Bird!?"

Don't get me wrong, I like the acts they have. But I think we might be playing with fire. Based on the lineup and the underlying joke this festival may be best suited for a city in the Northeast.

My favorite Florida joke belongs to Patton Oswalt - WARNING - The joke contains terribly offensive language and unfair generalizations.

B.T. DUBS - AKA - P.S. 

Weezer is one of my favorite bands of all time. When I was a younger man I would pencil in at least one Weezer concert a year. They have seen a resurgence with their cover of Toto's "Africa."

But their old stuff is my favorite. The "blue album" is one you put on and leave it. One song after another is a killer.

"Young the Giant" I know has one great song. I have not heard this one in a minute.


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