Should every person who lives along the Housatonic River pack up their belongings and head for higher ground?

No need to panic because of the flood warnings. The possibility of flooding due to the ice jam on the Housatonic includes Kent, Bulls Bridge, Kent Green, and south Kent.

According to the NewsTimes, minimal flooding is a probability when the river hits 8 feet. According to the Northeast River Forecast Center, the Housatonic is at 6.36 feet. If the river reaches 10 feet, now we have a problem!

Not to diminish the present day severity of the two mile ice barge on the Housatonic River but let's turn back the clock to August of 1955 when two back to back hurricanes were responsible for the legendary 'Flood of 1955.' where the Housatonic River reached 24.5 feet and 87 people lost their lives.

Five-hundred people in the Waterbury area had to be rescued by helicopter and at noon on August 20, 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower declared Connecticut a 'major disaster area.' The following video was taken in Ansonia CT.

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