According to Time an FBI agent is under investigation after his gun went off in a Denver area bar. The agent has yet to be officially identified. According to the report he was dancing at the bar, did a back flip, his gun fell out of his holster, hit the floor and when he picked it up the gun went off. The bullet hit a man in the leg.

The victim was treated at an area hospital and will be fine. After the incident, the agent was brought to Denver Police Headquarters who eventually turned him over to an FBI supervisor.

This is classic "one upsmanship." I was not at this party, of course, it was in Denver. But I can tell you what likely happened minutes before "flipper" hit the dance floor. Someone did "the worm." That's what happened, they hit the floor, nailed "the worm", the crowd went wild and "Ole' Jumpy Jumperson" here could not leave well enough alone.

He went out on the dance floor to establish his "Alpha" status and the rest is history. I think the back flip is cool and all but I'm glad I cannot do it. These guys who can back flip feel compelled to do it as often as possible. You can be sitting at a BBQ and all the sudden some dude is flipping like it's gymnastics class. We are all rolling our eyes when this happens.


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