This new and improved transmission line project is due to get underway soon. Seems like the good outweighs the bad.

The News Times reports that the hotly debated, large scale electrical transmission project is set to get underway in the Danbury area.

Known as the Southwest Connecticut Reliability Project, the information on the website for Eversource Energy states:

The new line ​will extend 3.4 miles, crossing through the towns of Bethel, Danbury, and Brookfield, Conn. The line ​will be located entirely within Eversource’s existing transmission line right of way from Plumtree Substation (near Walnut Hill Road in Bethel) to an area near Park Ridge Road in Brookfield.

Obviously, the work is being done to strengthen the service and reliability of service throughout the area. It's likely that some trees will need to come down, and while some of the potential impact to the environment was initially a concern to many residents, it appears that Eversource has done a good job of working in the community to change minds.

Work on the Southwest Connecticut Reliability project is ready to get underway in December of 2017.

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