Married movie stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were in Dover Plains and Pawling in 2017 filming their Horror Movie together, A Quiet Place, which is in theaters today. Many scenes featured the adult actors with child actors in the movie.

The film shows scary monsters that I’ve only caught glimpses of in the trailer, but Emily Blunt said in an interview published in Marie Claire she said the scariest part of the movie, for her, was the challenge of protecting her kids.

Their safety and their well-being is the most paramount thing in my life. And if [I am] unable to give them any of those things, then who am I? What’s my identity?

That definitely rings true here in the Greater Danbury and Hudson Valley region. recently polled young parents and their biggest fears are: worrying your child won't be afforded enough opportunities in life, stranger danger, injuries and accidents, bullying, and concerns about a child's obesity or anorexia.

One that I would add to the list is the time kids spend on computers exposing them to online predators. As a parent I can agree with Emily Blunt — there are no shortage of things to worry about here in Danbury, the Hudson Valley and beyond!

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