After a long Winter that just refuses to go away, we all get excited for any sign of Spring. Our spirits were lifted on this cold and rainy day with news that our friends at Down The Hatch have announced their opening date for the year.

The Hatch posted on Facebook this morning that they will be open for the season as of Saturday, May 5. That news brought a huge smile to anyone who has suffered through our incredibly cold January, and what seemed like 300 Nor'easters in a row in March. After Monday's post-Easter snowstorm (enough already! We have had Easter and baseball has started, for crying out loud!) I think we all need a few things to look forward to. An ice cold beer and a plate of fried clams, on the deck, at the Hatch, on a hot day sounds about as perfect a day as I could imagine at this point.

As the only waterfront restaurant on Candlewood Lake, Down the Hatch attracts both car and boat traffic and is usually packed on any given nice day. Looking forward to a few nice days there starting May 5th.

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