A victim of Hurricane Florence found it impossible to bring her pet dog along if she was to save herself.

A cute little dog named Soshe had to be left behind inside a home in Pender County North Carolina when its owner had to flee as 30 inches of rain pummeled the county. According to Fox8 in Cleveland, Soshe's owner ended up safe in another state but was worried sick about her little buddy.

When she finally had the opportunity, she called the Humane Society of Missouri's Disaster Response Team and asked if they could check on her dog. When the team boated into her neighborhood, they weren't able to locate her house because it was practically submerged in the flood waters.

The house where Soshe the dog was rescued - YouTube Video by hsmolovesanimals

They returned a second time with no luck but when they went back a third time, they were just barely able to locate the house and proceeded to swim up to the door which was only a few inches above the water line, and then they heard the barking! Check out this amazing video of Soshe being rescued. He had been floating on a couch for almost a week.