Connecticut is due for an upgrade concerning the state's beer and alcohol laws which could be the catalyst for a full-serve taproom in your favorite distillery.

An article in reads that a new permit has been recently drafted titled the 'craft cafe permit' which will give distilleries permission to serve drinks from their own taprooms much like craft breweries.

Distilleries are only allowed to sell bottles of their product from their taprooms but if Governor Ned Lamont signs the bill, distillery customers will be able to sit, relax and enjoy a full-size cocktail. Currently, distilleries are only permitted to dispense a 2 oz sample to each customer.

If and when the 'craft cafe permit' becomes law, not only would Connecticut distilleries see their profit margins rise steadily but it could incentivize aspiring distillers to start up their own business.

Litchfield Distillery - Ethan Carey Photo

As of June 2019, Connecticut has about 12 active distilleries in operation. The three closest to the greater Danbury area are the Mine Hill Distillery in Roxbury, the Litchfield Distillery, the Sono 1420 American Craft Distillers in Norwalk, and Asylum Distillery in Bridgeport.

Personally, I'm a bourbon guy and I've tried many different brands. My favorite so far has been the Litchfield Straight Bourbon Whisky.

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