You know you are from Brewster when ...

You spent far too many hours on Ice Pond Rd. even when there were no houses.

Your shop teacher was missing multiple fingers.

You had a beer with one of your teachers at some point.

To host a party all you needed was a field.  We had fields.

You didn't try out for the team.  You made the team.  You may not have played, but you were on it.

Every summer you marched from Electrazone Field to Markel Park.

You had the same teachers as your parents.

You know that "Jealousy is the green eyed monster."  Thank you Cicely German.

You worked at Kobackers.

You remember the Bum Steer.

You left school in the middle of the day to go to the North Brewster Deli.

You had that awkward day at H.H. Wells Middle School when the J.F.K. kids met the Garden Street kids.

You remember when Steve Presti had an afro...haha...I love that I could work a Steve Presti reference in.

You remember when Kelly Quinn was a bartender and not the owner of the empire known as: "Kelly's Corner."

You remember when Bobby O'Connor was a bartender and not the owner of the empire known as: "O'Connor's."

You remember 2 for 1 Wednesday nights at the Cameo Theater.

You hate: Mahopac, Carmel, Somers, Yorktown Heights, Kennedy High, Hen Hud, Fox Lane, Peekskill and Harrison.

Your high school's roof leaked on your head.

You knew everyone in your school by first and last name.

You drank at Tom and Jerry's A LOT.

You or your parents went to Polo's....HAHA

You watched Ed Blaney eat cupcakes in a blazing green Irish sports coat.

You were coached by Jerry Walsh, Brian Walsh or John Martino at something.

You knew that only Seniors got parking passes.

If you want baseballs or softballs or golf balls just jog around the field behind H.H. Wells Middle School.  You will find them.

You know what: "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" means.

You know who Fuzzy is.

You had Mrs. Defrancesco tell you you should be a fat stripper in Shorthand class.  OH wait, that was just me.

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