Urban Dictionary is an online reader-sourced dictionary of street-slang, phrases, and funny definitions. You can add your own opinion on pretty much anything, and people do. I started searching local towns and cities, reading how the general public defined our area of Connecticut. Most contributed in a vulgar fashion. Click on any of the town names below to see the uncensored full versions. Here are some opinions on where we live:

Photo by the i95 Road Crew

Danbury --- "Fake gangster clowns, hood rat b*****s, rich kids who vandalize public property, and do drugs with complicated names" --- "Ridgefield and Greenwich kids hate us, everyone else fears us" --- and my favorite --- "Danbury is not hood or ghetto, however hillbillies from surrounding towns think it's bad"

Can you feel the love of the Hat City?

Photo by Large "Town Plot" Dave

Waterbury --- "Hella ghetto, don't live there, it sucks" --- "If you like drugs, it's the place for you" --- "Impoverished, politically-corrupt, former industrial city" --- "Made entirely of rotten, often roach and lead-infested tenement houses" --- and the winner --- "I moved to Waterbury so I could shoot heroin in public all day"

Yikes! I can say that in all of my years in the Brass City, yes, I've seen heroin users, but I've never seen someone shooting up in public.

Photo by the i95 Road Crew

Southbury --- "We have expensive cars, and don't have stupid accents" --- "We don't get bunked, hammered, smashed, or plastered here..we get f***** up" --- and my favorite review --- "If I don't like something, I'll buy a new and better one, because I'm richer than you, I'm from Southbury"

It seems as though Southbury reviewers are very proud of their wealth.

Photo by the i95 road crew

Newtown --- "Roll a Dutch, play some I-95, and just chill out" --- "The true purpose for anyone below the age of 21 to visit Newtown is for the outrageous parties these kids throw" --- "Gathering at Dunkin' Donuts while drunk is common" --- and the Grand Champion --- "This is truly the only town where I've seen high school girls out-drink college kids, and not think anything of it"

Love the i95 shout out, thanks Newtown reviewer.

Photo by the i95 Road Crew

New Milford --- The second town that contributors have mentioned i95! --- "Music of choice would be rock on i95.1 (It SHOULD be 106.9 WCCC) Country is ok in certain situations. Rap and Pop should NEVER be played." (Editor's note - We liked CCC also, but they're gone, we're still here) --- "New Milford's pastime is camping, often including a keg of beer and a nice bonfire." --- "A place where the newly restored downtown is a haven to scumbags who dropped out of school, have no job, wear nothing but black, and smoke who knows what" --- "The Green is often referred to as "Crack Island".

It seems the average age of the contributors to Urban Dictionary is between 14 and 16. I agree with some of the reviews, they're basic generalizations. The common vibe seems to be: Connecticut people are rich, like to drink and party, and there's nothing to do, but drink and party. Yay Connecticut! We're just like everywhere else, but wealthier and very intoxicated. We're rock stars.

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