Jeff Bet set out to identify the most popular sports documentaries.

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Jeff Bet analyzed IMDB data to get their results and craft a list of the Top 15 sports documentaries of all-time. There are some great movies on the list so let's see where the Danbury Trasher's Netflix docuseries landed in the Top 10 Sports Documentaries:

1. The Last Dance - 142,850 Votes

The Last Dance is a 2020 docuseries co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix revolving around the career of Michael Jordan and the legendary NBA team Chicago Bulls.

2. Formula 1: Drive to Survive - 47,584 Votes

Co-produced by Formula One and Netflix. Formula 1: Drive to Survive documents Formula One world championships up close.

3. Welcome to Wrexham - 16,339 Votes

Welcome to Wrexham is based on what started as a non-league soccer team in Wales struggling financially, whose ambition then turns to being promoted to the football league. The club was bought by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have proved popular owners.

4. Untold: Malice at the Palace - 9,664 Votes

Placing fourth is Untold: Malice at the Palace, a 2021 Netflix documentary from the "Untold" series that examines the infamous 2004 NBA brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons.

5. Sunderland ‘Til I Die - 8,904 Votes

The Netflix docuseries follows Sunderland soccer team throughout the season. Documenting training, locker room and team talks, giving an insight into the inside of a soccer team.

6. Class of 92 - 8,724 Votes

The Class of 92 throws back to Manchester United’s footballing dynasty; it follows six players, including David Beckham.

7. Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist - 7,582 Votes

Released in 2022, it follows an all-American college footballer named Manti Te’o, whose life turns upside down when his relationship is revealed to be a catfish.

8. All or Nothing: Manchester City - 7,470 Votes

This Amazon Prime Video original offers a behind-the-scenes view of English football club Manchester City during the 2017-2018 season.
9. Last Chance U - 7,338 Votes

Last Chance U is a well-received sports documentary series on Netflix, centering on the experiences of junior college football players and programs in the United States.

10. Cheer - 6,717 Votes

Cheer is a 2020 Netflix documentary series offering an inside view of the competitive cheerleading team of Navarro College in Texas.

The Galante Family
The Galante Family

WHAT!? The Danbury Trashers Movie "Untold: Crime & Penalties" is not on the list? OK, maybe it was Top 15. Here is the remainder of the list:

11. All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur - 6,563 Votes
12. FIFA Uncovered - 6,197 Votes
13. All or Nothing: Arsenal - 5,827 Votes
14. Beckham - 5,793 Votes
15. The Figo Affair: The Transfer That Changed Football - 5,211 Votes

The Untold series got some love and the Last Dance is the greatest sports doc of all-time but that is all that is correct about this list. I don't know who is in charge of data collection at IMDB but they better pull their s--- together.

The Galante Family
The Galante Family

"Untold: Crime & Penalties" has it all:

  • The Mob
  • Sports
  • Violence
  • The FBI
  • A heartwarming father & son story
  • Danbury, CT

What was missing? Sex? Is that what gets you pervs through the day? Fine, I'll reach  out to the filmmakers, the Way brothers and see if we can pull some last minute edits. We'll force a sex scene into the movie so you savages can get your rocks off.

(L) - Lou Milano (R) - AJ Galante
(L) - Lou Milano
(R) - AJ Galante

The Danbury Trashers story keeps getting told for a reason, it's really compelling.


P.S. A spokesperson from JeffBet has commented on the findings:

“Sports docuseries’s have surged in popularity over recent years. Fans are interested in sports storytelling as they offer interesting behind-the-scenes content of the biggest sports franchises in the world, helping us understand the psyche of the most famous athletes in the world.”


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Inside the Premier Party for the Danbury Trashers Netflix Documentary

My name is Lou Milano, I am the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95. Recently, I attended the local premier of the Netflix film "Untold: Crime & Penalties" about the Danbury Trashers. The Trashers were a United Hockey League team that were around for a short time in the 2000' s in Western, CT but the team and ownership left a lasting impact.

The premier was open to the public and would take place inside the building where the Trashers played hockey, the Danbury Ice Arena. I decided to watch the movie at my house before going to the event. I wanted to use the time at the arena to interview the people in the film, and give an inside look into the night. This was my night out, with the cast of the film and the Trashers. 

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