Each week on the Ethan and Lou Show, we are joined by both candidates for Mayor in the City of Danbury, Dean Esposito and Roberto Alves.

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The two men joined us again on Thursday (10/21/21) and we shifted the topic to retail cannabis sales in Danbury. First, Alves spoke on the matter first, later in the morning we asked Dean Esposito about it.

I posed a question about it right away asking; "the current administration, you are the Chief of Staff there, decided to a moratorium on retail weed sales in the City. That means we'll be revisiting the topic in 2022. Why did you all do that, and do you anticipate that if you take office, you will support retail weed sales in Danbury? Esposito replied with the following:

"Obviously the moratorium was put into place so the City of Danbury could take a step back and evaluate this new bill, it came pretty quick and then was implemented pretty quickly.

So, we took the moratorium position because we want to give the issue the deepest thought. The concerns we have are for the people of the City of Danbury. I know that my opponent is all about the money, but the reality is, we have to support the safety and the concerns of the people of the city.

So, we took a step back and we're evaluating it every single day. Lou, you'll like this, we have what is called a cannabis working group. So, they are all here together to evaluate what is the best options for the people of the City of Danbury."

Later we asked Esposito if he smokes or consumes cannabis products, he said "no I do not", we followed up by asking if he has ever? Esposito replied; "I never inhaled." This was Esposito's nod to the long national P.R. nightmare known as Bill Clinton and while I knew that answer was coming from some direction, I insisted on an answer, Dean said:

"No, I'm a cigar smoker but I was an athlete in high school so that was frowned upon."

There was so much more to the interview and you can hear it by clicking into the video at the top of the page. Esposito defended himself from accusations by his opponent that he actually lives in Brookfield and doubled down saying that Roberto Alves intends to defund the police. If you want to hear what Roberto Alves said earlier that day in his interview, click here.

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