Each week on the Ethan and Lou Show, we are joined by both candidates for Mayor in the City of Danbury, Roberto Alves and Dean Esposito.

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The two men joined us again on Thursday (10/21/21) and we shifted the topic to retail cannabis sales in Danbury. First, we asked Alves to refresh our memory on the last ruling on the matter by the City. I asked Alves, "Did the current administration put a retail weed sales moratorium in place and say we're going to push it off for a year to do more research, that is the case, right?" Roberto replied with the following:

"Yes, there is a moratorium currently in Danbury on retail weed sales. It came through our zoning commission, I don't recall the current administration out of the Mayor's office saying anything or not on it.

And again, that is what we're looking for in Danbury, folks who are, aren't afraid to be out there in front of things even if they are a little controversial. People want folks who are going to stand up for what they believe in and if somebody disagrees with you, you have that conversation with them, to get them to know where you stand on certain things.

I personally don't believe we needed a year moratorium on this. I think it was just another opportunity to you know, kick the can down the road or just linger and wait. They'll tell you it's because they wanted to get it right, you don't need a year to get it right.

They were afraid of any blowback, it's always about you know, optics with them and for us it's about getting things done."

Next, we asked Alves if he supports Danbury opting in, and selling cannabis/marijuana products in the City of Danbury, he replied:

"I do support it, we're the region's city, uh and I laugh because my opponent's team has been very dishonest with some campaign tactics and maybe we'll get into a little bit if you guys don't mind but we are the region's city and we should be run like it.

People look for us, look to us for leadership and there has been a lack and void of that here, it's a vacuum. And, on top of that, these surrounding communities are saying no. I say yes because 3% of the, there is going to be a 3% tax on the cannabis products and Danbury gets to keep that 3%.

So, when these surrounding communities don't have it, I'm not sure when the New York law goes into effect, people are going to come here to buy it. 3% of that is going to stay in Danbury, I'm not saying no to money on something that is clearly legal now."

We asked Alves if he smokes weed or takes cannabis products, he said: "I do not", next we asked if he's ever done it and he replied; "yeah, I have."

If you want to hear the rest of our interview with Roberto Alves, click into the video player at the top of the page. In it, you will hear much more about Roberto's campaign and his issues with Dean Esposito and his campaign. Alves recounts the story of having to explain a negative opposition mailer to his young daughter and tells us whether he dislikes Dean Esposito or not. If you want to hear what Dean Esposito said later in the day click here.

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