Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo joined the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on Thursday for his weekly segment on I-95.

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We talked to the Mayor about the unique situation he finds himself in. Cavo stepped up to replace Mark Boughton who left in the middle of his term and accept a State appointment under CT Governor Ned Lamont.

At a recent press conference, Cavo announced he will not campaign for a return to City Hall. Instead, he endorsed Dean Esposito for Mayor and said he would campaign for a return to City Council where he served as President for years.

With no campaign to distract him, how would the Cavo spend the rest of his time in the Mayor's chair? We asked him that question and this was his response:

"I think the biggest thing right now, still for us is the pandemic and how it's effecting, you know businesses and how it's effecting our kids in schools and things.

So, you know my focus will still be strongly on the pandemic and how we are managing that and how we're helping and looking forward to helping businesses manage their way back into, you know, some sort of normalcy for them.

And, you know we have people that are still coming here, every week there are people that want to come to Danbury for something, for some business. You know our business advocacy office is busy and we're excited that that is happening."

The Mayor also mentioned the road improvement plans that are already underway throughout the city, doubled down on his intention to return to City Council and referred to Dean Esposito as our next Mayor.

Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo joins the Ethan and Lou Morning Show every Thursday at 8:20 and to hear this week's interview in its entirety, click on the video at the top of this article.

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