The front entrance of City Hall in Danbury was the stage for two announcements Tuesday evening (May 18).

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The first came from Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo who announced he'd finish out his term and not seek election in the fall. The second came from Dean Esposito, the current Chief of Staff to the Mayor, who announced that he would run for election as a Republican candidate.

Dean has a wealth of experience in public service and has a recognizable name in the Hat City, but we most wanted to know why he wants the job. Esposito was a guest on the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday, and we asked him that question. Here is how he responded:

"You know the opportunity comes along once in a lifetime, twice for me but the reality is I've always had a passion for representing the people of this city. And, I now have the opportunity to move to the next level and with the experience that I bring and in the big picture. I think it just made me comfortable to know that if I can step up and utilize the experience that I have for over thirty years, I think it's a good opportunity for the people and I'm hoping that they will see it that way, and vote me in."

Esposito spoke about family support, mentioning his wife and saying "she's right there by my side, I'm confident she's going to be with me all the way." He discussed his experience saying he's held a variety of positions like The Director of Consumer Protection, Weights and Measures, the Town Clerk and has served as Chief of Staff for the last two Mayors.

Esposito made a point to mention the Danbury Career Academy in his brief speech at City Hall Tuesday so we followed up on that, asking why he believes the education program is so vital to the success of Danbury, he replied:

"I think the Career Academy is going to be a huge, huge new asset to the city. I mean, obviously it gives our students an opportunity to move forward and look at different types of careers, and hand on."

He addressed the how the Academy can lighten the load of overcrowded schools:

"Also it comes down to the space crowding that we've faced here in the city for the last year or so. It gives us the ability to open up both schools, I mean the old high school, it will give us more space and then utilize the new space, you know with the middle school and the high school kids up at the new location.

Esposito will be opposed by Democrat Roberto Alves.

More on Dean Esposito:

  • Graduate of Danbury High School where he played offensive guard and defensive end on the football team.
  • Attended a technical school for computer operations after high school.
  • Has run for Mayor in the past, last time around as a Democrat against Mark Boughton.
  • Has publicly battled dyslexia his whole life and is very public about the challenges it presented.

You can listen to the entire interview below

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