According to the News Times, paving is underway on Long Ridge Road in Danbury and is part of a combined 12 mile improvement project in the Hat City.

Why would a lightly traveled scenic-road get paved first in a city riddled with potholes? It's part of a promise made last year by the Public Works Department in response to a rash of complaints from residents.

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Forgive me, but what are we doing here? Yes, this road has pothole problems and even led to the injury of a cyclist, according to the newspaper, but this road would be last on my priority list.

Pick a name, almost any street name and you will likely have chosen a road that gets more traffic than Long Ridge Road.

So what is the reason it will be first? I know I am asking a suggestive question so let's hear from the people. We spoke about this on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show and the text messages started flooding in to the I-95 Rock Mobile app. This is some of what people had to say on the issue:

Carolyn from Danbury:

"I don’t live on Long Ridge Road but I grew up out that way. I do not for a minute doubt that the road needs repaving. Typically it needs replacing for years before it gets just patched. It’s never not bumpy. I think SOME level of bumpiness is sort of a safety feature, because it slows down idiots who drive like maniacs otherwise. Even they don’t want to break an axle. BUT at a certain point, ya just gotta repave the whole thing and start over. So I hope they do a nice job and then set up some decent speed traps."

JD from Danbury:

"Don’t forget E. Hayestown Rd., Hayes Town Rd., Tamarack Avenue , great plain...That’s a high traffic area going from New Fairfield to Brookfield pass the town park in the PAL building. Those roads suck."

Propane Joe from Danbury"
My sister lives on Long Ridge Rd and it didn't just get bad it's been bad for years and now even worse. It's about time!"

Dr. Evil from New Milford

"Hey Lou, they all need to be done and somebody’s going to be first so who gives a s--- if I reach his first or last, it’ll get done."

OK, I got one guy who agrees with me, typical.

I'm not here saying Long Ridge Road is in good condition. I'm not here saying it should not be fixed. I'm not here saying no big deal that someone got hurt. I'm not minimizing the need for work in that region at all. I am asking why this gets priority over other roads in the city that have similar problems and heavier traffic.

Keeping promises is an admirable thing but I think maybe they could have kept the promise and not had Long Ridge #1, it's bad optics. You also can't please all people all the time. For instance, this article will please me to write it, it will aggravate and alienate almost everyone else...choices.

Look at the mountain I've made and I started with a mole hill.

We also spoke to Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo about the issue this morning (5/13/21).

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