Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton made his regular appearance on the Ethan and Lou show this morning (April 22.) Among the topics addressed were Saturday night's "Make Noise Danbury" event, the current protests from people that want the state reopened, and the state DEEP and Danbury Fire department's rescue and relocation of a bear.

On the protests, Boughton said, "They're getting frustrated. It's going to warm up a little bit, they're going to want to get outside. They don't understand why they have to do this, but you're just asking for a second act of this virus, and we're not through the first act. We're probably in the third, or close to the fourth quarter, but we're not finished yet. And if we don't finish this thing, it's going to be worse. This isn't about trying to take people's liberty, it's about trying to make sure people don't, you know, die."

Boughton also had praise for everyone that took part in making noise Saturday night in Danbury to show support for essential workers and those in healthcare, and talked about the rescue of a bear that had been hanging around the Danbury firehouse.

You can hear the entire interview here:

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