Since we're all sheltering in place and staying in, some of our furry friends are seizing the opportunity and exploring new areas.

Case in point, the bear they've appropriately named Dan Berry, who was wondering around the downtown area Monday (April 20), paid a visit to the New Street Fire Department where the picture was taken.

Danbury City Council President Joe Cavo, who was credited with taking the bear photo said, "the bear was behind 19 New Street near the brook there, behind a tree".

Joe was not sure if the State Department of Environmental Protection was called in or not, but said, "they would hopefully come and relocate the bear. He had no tags in his ears, so he probably was never caught and relocated before. He's probably a newbie to downtown Danbury."

During this time of shelter in place, and less people out and around these areas, more and more animals are being spotted in places where you never usually see them.

Here's the official post and picture from Mayor Mark Boughton's Facebook page:

So those are the "bear" facts, I know "bear"ly enough information, and it may be almost un"bear"able, but that's the latest on our newest Dan"bear"y visitor.

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