I spent all of last weekend at the Danbury Ice Arena as a guest of the Diamond Brothers, Herm Sorcher and the entire Danbury Hat Tricks organization to watch them kickoff their 2021-2022 season.

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I had an unusual amount of fun and got to watch the Hat Tricks sweep the Prowlers out of the building, winning both games against Port Huron. The experience has me all fired up for this season and I want to know as much as I can about the team, and that starts at the top.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

We asked Danbury Hat Tricks Head Coach Dave MacISAAC to join us on the Ethan and Lou Show, he accepted the invite and did a live segment with us on Wednesday (11/3/21). Seeing as Ethan and I didn't grow up with hockey, we are fascinated by the fighting and had to ask Dave about it.

I started by putting him on the spot, I said, "you don't have to answer this, but I was at Friday night's game with some friends and they said to me hey, look at this guy, watch this guy, I won't say his number, I won't say his name, they said look at this guy, this guy can't play a lick of hockey. But, he's one of our favorites because he's going to go out there and try and fight with everybody. I watched him chase this one dude around the ice just dying to pick a fight with him, do you know who I am talking about?" MacISAAC did know who I was referring to and replied:

"Yeah, his name is Kole Beaton, number 22. We brought him in especially to do that and there was no one on the other team that wanted to oblige. So, it was sort of a wasted thing. Then I sent him out in the 3rd and I almost lost the game for us."

Earlier in the day, Coach MacISAAC heard us speaking about Danbury resident Glover Teixiera who just won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. It reminded him of an idea he recently floated by AJ Galante, former Danbury Trashers President and owner of Champs Boxing in Danbury. MacISAAC had this to say about his talk with Galante:

"I know you guys were talking about Glover Teixeira earlier. So, when I was talking to AJ Galante early in the season, I was asking if any of his heavyweights, he owns a boxing gym in town, and I was asking him if any of his heavyweights could skate. 

And, we were trying to get one guy that could skate and come on and practice with us. But I guess last night at the Glover Teixeira party, my assistant coach found a guy that Glover trains, that played hockey for fifteen years, so we'll see what happens with that." 

In September, I attended the premier party for the Netflix documentary about the Danbury Trashers  called: "Untold: Crime and Penalties." I spoke to MacISAAC and other former members of the Trashers organization about what they thought was one of the best fights in Trashers history.

Every person I asked, laughed and recounted an incident involving MacISAAC that took place off the ice. In staying with the theme, I asked MacISAAC about it again, saying: didn't you beat somebody up at Applebees? This is what Coach had to say in reply:

"Uh, I think it was called Bennigan's back then."

What is the joke? I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, right? The Hat Tricks are not all about fights or stories about fights, MacISAAC was dead serious when we discussed the business of hockey.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Before we discussed fights, I mentioned how well the team played this past weekend and how much I enjoyed it, coach was not as thrilled as I was and said:

"Yeah, it was exciting to win, it was exciting for the fans both games were close and more exciting for them, than for me. It wasn't perfect hockey as a coach but we're going to improve and get better, and go from there."

I pressed him on that, wondering what could be wrong with a team that started the year 2-0. I asked coach what he thinks there problem is, MacISAAC replied:

"Yeah I think the second game especially, we got outplayed. Our goalie was really strong and he won us the game that day but you can't count on the goalie every night so we have to get better." 

Thanks to Coach Dave MacISAAC for joining the Ethan and Lou Show, we plan to have him on a lot this season. You can listen to our entire interview with MacISAAC by clicking the video player at the top of the page.

The Danbury Hat Tricks next home game is November 10th at the Danbury Ice Arena against the Watertown Wolves, get your tickets now.

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A Tour of the Ice Arena for the Danbury Hat Tricks Victorious Weekend

This season is underway at the Danbury Ice Arena and it began in victorious fashion. I was in the Arena for Friday and Saturday's games and I experienced the entire thing for you. Once you are done checking this out, you are going to buy tickets, that is not a threat, it's just what is going to happen.

There is something for everyone inside that arena, even if you don't like hockey. There were a ton of activities to be a part of in the Arena, even if you don't like hockey. That's not my style, if I go for a game I want to watch it but all the extras don't hurt the experience one bit,

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