A Quora user asked the question "What are the pros and cons of living in Connecticut?" The post was from April of 2019. There were many common answers for the "pros" that included:

  • Easy access to New York and Boston
  • Beautiful fall foliage
  • Better than average school system
  • Beautiful shorelines
  • Amazing pizza
  • Nice mix of city, suburb, and country living
  • One of the safest from natural disasters
  • Beautiful and historic architecture and landscapes

That's fun and great, but no one checks in for the good news. Here are some of the strongest cons people listed:

CT Residents on Cons of Living in The Nutmeg State

I love a good "cons" list, it shows you what people's priorities really are. When people are asked to list the things they like, they typically do it in a lazy fashion. I mean, who cares what you like, even the person asking that question usually could care less what the answer is.

On the flip side, people can tell you what they dislike or hate with great care and passion. These are the things that you want or need to distance yourself from to make your life happy, so most people take it pretty seriously.

I agree with some of the "cons" listed here and I disagree with others, but these are some of the strong ideas out there about our state.  From a personal standpoint, the seasons, culture, diversity, architecture, food and history mean a great deal to me. If I wanted to live in a swampy, warm, new construction, crime riddled hell-scape, I'd move to Florida.

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