The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is offering a "free fishing license day" this Saturday. According to the News Times you can get it on the Department's website or at your local tackle shop.

I like fishing, I used to do it a lot when I was a younger man. I think I miss it and I will be getting my fishing license this Saturday. What I like more than the idea of reconnecting with fishing is opening my own small town tackle shop.

I've always dreamed of being a small town, New England store owner who wears tan pants. I want my shop to be a place that makes enough money to keep the lights on but there are not too many people in my store. I hate the idea of too many people wandering around asking stupid questions.

I want locals, regulars, who come and drink coffee in my tackle shop and lie about the fish they have caught. I want to wear a dumb fishing hat and a vest covered in lures and read fishing publications. I want to throw customers out who ask too many questions, ask to use the bathroom or generally are not there to hang out.

Now all I need is a name for my money pit of a store.  A name for the place where I hang out with my fishing buddies. What should I call it? Here are just a few of the ideas I am working on:

  • "Bucketmouth Bobs"
  • "Community Hole"
  • "Loop Knot Louie's"
  • "Mossback Marty's"
  • "Ribbon Tail Ronda's"
  • "Gary's Grippin' and Rippin Tackle and Taco's"

I know on paper "Loop Knot Louie's" looks the best, ya know, cause I am Louie. I am, however, willing to change my name if it makes the store name better.

Relevant fishing terminology key - 

Bucketmouth - Nickname for large mouth bass.

Community hole - Well known fishing hole where many people have had success fishing.

Loop Knot - any of several different knots tied with a fixed loop; these knots are often used in lieu of split rings or snaps to give lures more freedom of movement.

Mossback - Nickname for large mouth bass.

Ribbon Tail - soft plastic design with a flat, undulating tail resembling a ribbon.

Ripping - retrieve technique frequently used for jerkbaits in which the lure is violently and rapidly pulled forward ("ripped") before being paused.

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