Three women were arrested Wednesday (October 23) and now face prostitution charges after a raid on a local massage parlor.

According to a press release from the Naugatuck Police Department, 52-year-old Lijie Zheng, 44-year-old Zuohua Wang and 50-year-old Kun Liu were arrested after what police describe as a lengthy investigation of the Maple Massage Parlor on New Haven Road.

Naugatuck Detective Thomas McGarvey led the investigation, and police say they "developed information that patrons were paying for sex acts at the business." Kun and  Zuohua face a charges of prostitution and an additional charge of conspiracy to commit prostitution. Lijie faces charges of Permitting Prostitution and second degree promotion of prostitution.

If you were to judge an entire state based on alleged criminal activity, Connecticut would be the rubbiest state in the nation. Ditch the Nutmeg State, we have a new slogan and it's going to look great on signs at border points:


That's right, no one loves a good rubbin' like a CT resident. Whether it's in a massage parlor, a good ole' fashion nude, semi-circle rub in the woods or a rest stop rubdown, Connecticut is #1.

We were first to sign the Constitution and we waste no time dropping drawers and going for it. If what Police are saying about the Maple Massage Parlor is true, you have to wonder if they had a Maple Syrup special? Food for thought and rubdowns.

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