According to the CT Post, a Monroe man has been arrested on voyeurism charges and has since been released on bond. 52-year-old Robert Somley is the man in question.

Police say Somley took a video of a sexual act with a woman without her knowledge. They say when she learned there was a video, she asked for it to be deleted and he refused.

Now let's back it up. The article says Somley and his female companion were loading wood into a trailer at a local home and Somley said he needed a break. After about twenty minutes the woman says she went looking for him.

The report states when she found him, he was in the home, nude, watching pornography on a laptop and pleasuring himself. When the woman says she confronted him on this, he said he needed to relieve himself before returning to work. She then allegedly leaves the scene and returns later. This is when the woman claims she found Somley still naked and pouring maple syrup on his body. The lady in question admitted to police that this was a "turn on" and she then participated in foreplay that now also included blueberry jelly.

So the sex/food deal was consensual, according to the woman's account, but the video was not. Apparently, she learned of it after, asked him to get rid of it, he allegedly says no, and here we are.

This is a wild case. You have a situation that comes straight out of a Penthouse Forum story. The most amazing thing is that everything the man is alleged to have done prior to the videotaping could have got him locked up, but MIRACULOUSLY (and allegedly), she's INTO IT. Then he pushes one step too far (ALLEGEDLY) and boom, he's in cuffs.

I gotta tell you, some days doing a radio show/writing in a sleepy New England area is a challenge. We live in a quiet, safe place where virtually nothing happens. Then, other days, days like today, the "Radio Gods" give with both hands. One hand holding syrup and the other blueberry jelly. What a day to smut radio.

Pour some sugar on me indeed. At least it wasn't pastrami on rye.

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