I knew the Nathan Carman story wasn't going away.

I've been following the tragic and mysterious story of Linda Carman's death at sea since Sept. of 2016. Such a sad tale of mother and son out boating when she was lost at sea and pronounced dead during a fishing trip that her son was rescued from.

My first inkling that something was "fishy" was when I wrote this story back in September of 2016, which explained the details of the fact that not only was Nathan Carman the last person to see his mother alive, but was also, at one point, considered a suspect in his grandfather's murder.  Now 10 months later, the controversy remains, and the mystery grows.

According to courant.com, Nathan Carman's Aunts, his deceased mother's sisters, want to make sure he doesn't collect his portion of a multi-million dollar inheritance. Money, possible murder, and a body lost at sea are the things of intrigue for sure.

It turns out that Linda Carman's dad (Nathan's grandfather) was wealthy real estate developer, John Chakalos, who was found shot to death at his home in 2013. That case has never been solved, and Nathan has been cleared as a suspect, but Linda's three sisters appear to believe their nephew murdered their father.

The story in courant.com goes on to say that the Aunts are asking a New Hampshire court to declare Nathan the murderer of his grandfather and bar him from getting any of the proceeds from John Chakalos' estimated $40 million estate. It seems that once the Chakalos probate case is closed, Nathan Carman will be eligible to get the portion of the estate that would have gone to his mother.

It's not as if his aunts won't also receive a very large inheritance, but their lawyer, Dan Small, told the Hartford Courant:

This is not about money, it is about justice. If the Chakalos sisters win this lawsuit and any money that would have gone to Nathan instead goes to the surviving sisters individually, they pledge to use those funds exclusively to pay for expenses incurred relating to the investigation into the death of their father and disappearance of their sister, and any remaining funds will go to charity

Money, possible murder, and a mother lost at sea. It screams "made for TV" event, for sure. As the mystery continues, I pray for peace and closure for Linda Carman and her family.

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