I knew this story would stay afloat, unlike Nathan Carman's boat.

I believe this account about Nathan Carman and his mother Linda, and their tragedy at sea is going to haunt him forever.

From the blog I wrote in Sept. of 2016

To the one I wrote in Oct. of 2016 titled: More Drama in the Case of CT Woman Missing at Sea, where Nathan's mom's sisters hired a law firm to represent them. To me, this story reeks of true crime drama.

Now, according to courant.com an insurance company won't pay damages after Nathan's boat sank, stranding him and possibly killing his mother, Linda, who was from Connecticut. According to courant.com, court papers say the boat had been altered by Carman to have holes in the side that weren't filled adequately.

As if there could be anything worse, there is. The Hartford Courant reports that court papers also allege that Carman had three chances to easily alert the Coast Guard of distress while grabbing the emergency kit that he was found to have on the life raft that he was rescued in. Sadly his mom's body has never been found.

National Liability & Fire Insurance Co. and Boat Owners Association of the United States have asked for a declaratory judgment in U.S. District Court in Rhode Island and are refusing to pay the $85,000 policy that Nathan Carman had on the boat.

According to the Hartford Courant  the court filing from the insurance company alleges that Carman new the boat wasn't seaworthy when he and his mom departed the marina on that September day, and that condition is what caused it to sink.

As far as I'm concerned the loss of Linda Carman is tragic, and the fact that her body has never been recovered is one of the saddest things to happen to a family. If Nathan's possible negligence had a hand in any of this, this story shouldn't rest until all the facts are out there.

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