As we've previously reportedConnecticut ranked 45th on the list of the most and least patriotic states in the nation. Virginia was ranked the most patriotic state with Alaska coming in second. Both New York and New Jersey were down on the bottom of the list as well.

The key factors they used to come up with the list involved military engagement, adult voters and civic engagement. Connecticut, to be fair did OK in civic engagement coming in 20th.

We all are quick to yell and scream about our rights but we should celebrate and appreciate that we have them more. I love my country, I love being free. We need to up our game Connecticut. When I read this list next year I wanna see Connecticut at the top. It's time to be the bosses of patriotism. 45th is not even trying.

This is a good time to remind people what Michael Scott THINKS Abraham Lincoln once said.

Food for thought...EAT IT.

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