So, I came across one of those surveys where they rank states from most patriotic to least patriotic, and I was shocked at where both Connecticut and New York ranked.

The Fourth of July. A day in which we celebrate our independence, and patriotism abounds, so you can imagine that I figured Connecticut and New York would be way up there on the list of most patriotic, given the fact that both states were so influential during those early days of our country.

Well I guess some time, somewhere, during the last two hundred and forty two years things took a turn for the worst. According to, both Connecticut and New York ranked near the bottom of the 50 states.

Connecticut came in at #45, and even a notch lower, was New York at #46, and believe it or not, Massachusetts, who boasts the slogan "The Spirit of America," and is the home of one of the most historic cities in the nation, Boston, came in dead last at #50.

So who topped this crazy list? None other than Virginia — now at least that makes sense. But look which states came in second and third: Alaska and Wyoming — what?

Well, if you read between the lines, the actual criteria for this survey was defining  patriotism in two main ways: Military service, that includes active duty military and reserves, which is where both Connecticut and New York took the biggest hit. Let's face it, there are way more military bases in Virginia and Alaska than around here.

The second main criteria was doing your civic duty, like voting and volunteering. Now both Connecticut and New York did better in this category, but not better than Vermont, Utah, and Maine, which comprised the top 3.

So, basically, it's not that we don't all love our country, there's plenty of patriotism to be had in Connecticut and New York, but then again, we didn't really need a survey to tell us that.

Have a happy safe, and patriotic Fourth of July, and God Bless America!

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