When I was a young boy (1980's) I witnessed something that has never left me, I saw a UFO.

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It was a massive, slow-moving craft with a metallic bottom that made no noise. Does that sound familiar? It should because thousands of other people have told a similar story, especially in the 80's and especially in the particular region of the country.

I wish my sighting was seen by other people, outside my group that day. I think that would provided me with so much comfort, knowing with certainty that my mind was not playing tricks on me.

That kind of mass sighting event happened in 1987 in Connecticut. Not only were there many witnesses but there were some who were trained to rule out spaceships.

CT Got on the UFO Map in 1987 When 200 People Reported Something Strange in the Sky

In the 1980's, New York's Hudson Valley was a magnet for UFOs. I should rephrase for the non-believers, the Hudson Valley was home to thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects. This trend wasn't just taking place in New York, Connecticut also had it's fair share of incidents with the most notable coming in 1987. What you're about to read really happened here in CT and it terrified hundreds of people who were left wondering what they had seen.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

The incident in May of 1987 was not an isolated one. There were 7000 UFO reports to the police originating from the Hudson Valley in the 1980's. Many of the reports had similar descriptions of a semicircle, triangle or boomerang shaped craft, covered in lights and roughly the size of a football field.

P.S. This is a photo of the craft Newtown's Randy Etting saw that night.

UFO over USA: "Randy Etting captured this image of lights above Newtown, Connecticut, in 1987."
byu/trot-trot inpics

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