I am of the opinion that the President is not the custodian of all the secrets our country keeps. In particular, I believe that not all of our Presidents have been given the truth about UFO's and extraterrestrial life. Many people who share my interest in this topic also believe that our Executive branch doesn't always get the information that is relevant when it comes to UFO's and alien life.

So, who has been briefed? Tuesday morning (10/13/20) on the Ethan and Lou Show we ran down a list of our Presidents starting with Truman and working our way to the present. Here is who I think has/had the information we all crave.

  • Harry Truman - Yes
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower - Yes
  • John F. Kennedy - No
  • Lyndon B. Johnson - No
  • Richard Nixon - Yes
  • Gerald Ford - No
  • Jimmy Carter - No
  • Ronald Reagan - Yes
  • George H.W. Bush - Yes
  • Bill Clinton - Yes
  • George W. Bush - No
  • Barack Obama - Yes
  • Donald Trump - No

Ethan and I laid out our case for each.

I said a lot of things there so let me back up and handle some of the more specific things.

I didn't make up that story about Nixon and Jackie Gleason, Gleason's second wife Beverly swears that it's true. She has told anyone who will listen that Nixon took Gleason to see an alien body and Jackie was very shaken up about it. Science/How Stuff Works published a story about the alleged 1973 incident just last year.

As for George H.W. Bush being an infamous keeper of secrets about the UFO reality, the Sun published a quote from UFO lobbyist Steve Basset in 2018 who said:

The consensus among researchers is George H. W. Bush would have been briefed on the extra-terrestrial presence to whatever extent he so desired. There is no clear evidence George H. W. Bush wanted Disclosure. That said, it is my view the military/intelligence complex would have been quite comfortable with Disclosure taking place during a second term of President George H. W. Bush. He would have been the ideal Disclosure President from their perspective. The Cold War was over and the door was now open to end a very expensive and complex truth embargo.

In the article Basset even claims that when Bush was CIA Director, he intentionally blocked then President Jimmy Carter's attempts at retrieving information relevant to the topic.

Do the UFO/Alien secrets begin with Harry Truman? If you believe that the Majestic-12 group existed, then yes, it all starts with Truman. Following the alleged Roswell, New Mexico alien spacecraft crash in 1947, Truman is rumored to have appointed a panel known as Majestic 12 to investigate the incident.

In a November 2013 New York Magazine article, author Mark Jacobson details the UFO conspiracy theorist timeline. First comes the Roswell incident, followed by Truman authorizing Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to set up "Operation Majestic 12" or MJ-12.

The article states that the head of MJ-12 would have been Vannever Bush. It's alleged that Bush and the other 11 members eventually set up a meeting between aliens and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

As for the James Forrestal, the Secretary of Defense who supposedly created the Majestic-12 panel, conspiracy theorists believe he was murdered to keep him from revealing the alien truth. Forrestal's death on May 22, 1949 was officially ruled a suicide.

I've been obsessing over these topics for years and reading anything, anyone will write about them and I've become convinced, there are secrets that have most certainly been kept from the American public about UFO's and or extraterrestrial life, some of our Presidents had them and some did not. The truth is indeed out there.

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