Wanted: 'A photographer to shoot the wedding night when we consummate our marriage.'

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The online photography platform, Shotkit, is searching for a professional photographer who would agree to document the newlyweds as they consummate their marriage.

The unnamed couple will be married on the East Coast in early 2021, and they're willing to pay a professional photographer $3,000 to take photos of them 'doing the deed.' The couple hasn't set all the parameters as to whether the photoshoot would include foreplay and heavy petting before the couple gets naked. The following is their job advertisement.

We are desperate for someone to help us complete our dream wedding and we're willing to pay the right candidate $3,000 to shoot our wedding night which we envision shouldn't be more than a few hours.

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The future newlyweds are having difficulty finding a photographer willing to take on the job due to the extremely intimate nature of the job. If there are any photographers interested in helping this couple, you may register by clicking on shotkit.com. So far, it hasn't been determined if the photographer will also be required to be totally nude during the photo session.

Inquiring minds are curious to know why this couple would want a stranger with a camera snapping away while they're making whoopie on such a special night.  During their email correspondence with shotkit.com, they stated they were a 'liberal couple with little to no inhibitions' who wish to make their wedding night 'memorable.'

Personally, I'm still trying to figure this out. Maybe the soon to be newlyweds work in the adult entertainment industry, and they get a kick out of seeing themselves in various pornstar positions. Maybe it's none of my damn business, and I should wrap it right here.

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