I’ve always been intrigued by food at the fair that combines all kinds of odd things that don’t really belong together. For example, deep fried peanut butter pickles, or the pulled pork parfait sundae, and I salute the people brave enough to try things like that. You have to have lots of antacids at hand when you’re that courageous.

You don’t have to be all that courageous to want to try the newest creation that Dunkin’ Donuts is experimenting with right now, in my opion. It’s — drumroll please — Donut Fries.

Currently, they're just an experimental item being served as part of Boston Dunkin’ Donuts' $2 snacking menu. In the Boston Globe's taste test video of these items, the testers compared the fries to churros.

We’ve always had fries, and we’ve always had donuts, but never Donut Fries. So what are the chances we’ll see them in Greater Danbury or the Hudson Valley? It’s possible they’ll make their way here because, in general, they've been getting great reviews and lots of chatter on social media.

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