The impact social media has on our society cannot be overstated.

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There are a few holdouts who cling tight to a life "without Facebook" as they're likely to put it, but social media is a way of life in 2022.

If you were to ask a large group of teenagers what they want to be when they grow up, you're likely to hear "content creator" many times over. Who could blame them, it's a fun activity makes them the center of attention, and you can get paid handsomely if you can master the tricks of the trade.

That is how we find ourselves talking about an influencer summit. That's not exactly how it was framed but it's what took place recently at Maggie McFly's in Brookfield. Below is a video posted by @jimyofficial who said:

"Today we're at Maggie MvFly's at a social media event called Keep it Social, let's go in. Man, there is a lot of talent in this room right now, a lot of content creators in the Connecticut area, the New England area, the East Coast area."

@jimyofficial Had a great time attending this event 🎬 Connecticut has so much talent😎 #ctfoodie #ct #ctrestaurants #brookfieldct #foodie #jimyofficial ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

@jimyofficial goes on to explain the layout of Maggie McFly's and the many things a person could enjoy eating and doing at the Brookfield bar. Something struck me about this, I'd recognized that user name and their face.

Where had I seen them before?


Oh, yes, it was @jimyofficial that I wrote about recently. They did a video about how Brookfield is one of the most boring towns in the entire State of CT. This is interesting, considering an entire crew of influencers chose Brookfield as the meeting point for people, from all-over the East Coast.

I did learn a lot from this video:

#1 - Maggie's has done a complete and amazing overhaul on their interior and brand.
#2 - Influencers are starting to gather together to bolster their followings. This is a smart move, the quickest road to a new chunk of followers, is to have someone else with a massive following, introduce you, to their audience.

It looks like I'm going to have to track @jimyofficial down and book them on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show. It can't hurt to make a local social media ally. Maggie McFly's is located at 195 Federal Road in Brookfield, CT.

P.S. If you'd told me five years ago, how much I'd rely on social media to do my job, I would have laughed in your face. If you told me ten years ago, I would have been a bit confused by the words you were using. If you told me twenty years ago, I would have thought you were an alien from another planet. It's a reality we are all learning to deal with, and some of us are handling it better than others.

If you like to talk, read and hear about Brookfield or any of the other towns in the Greater-Danbury area, there is one show that caters to you, the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show.

Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Podcast on Apple and Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. It's the same show we do on the radio but with limited commercials and no music. Or, listen live by streaming the show on the I-95 Rock Mobile app, or tune into I-95 (95.1FM).

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