His screen name is @jimyofficial and he's not a fan of Brookfield, CT.

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Jimmy posted a video to Tik Tok recently called "Most Boring Places in CT" and Brookfield, CT was on the short list. In addition to Brookfield, Jimmy called the following boring places:

  • Cromwell
  • Woodbridge
  • Portland
  • Wallingford
  • Bethany

Don't skip the video, if you do, you'll miss the song "Bored in the House."

@jimyofficial If you live here I feel bad #bored #boring #ct #jimyofficial #series ♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach

Just to be fair, it's important to tell you that I have called Brookfield "boring" on my radio show. When you host a show like mine, and you're hyper-focused on communities you serve (like Brookfield), you might find yourself saying the same thing. BUT, boring is precisely why people want to live in towns like Brookfield. Boring means it is safe, the schools are good and the town is not in the news all the time.

I've worked in Brookfield for nearly 23 years and it's a community I'm proud to be associated with. I've never felt in danger (except when driving by Costco) and the people have been wonderful to my colleagues and I. Then, there is beautiful Candlewood Lake which is not boring at all, if you're lucky enough to have a boat.

All that said, would it hurt to add some nightlife? I'm just saying, a handful of places to dance and drink might be good, right? I don't think it would corrupt the town so bad that we couldn't rip it back from the jaws of evil.

This kid thinks Brookfield is boring, they've obviously never been to New Fairfield, HA.

P.S. That song "Bored in the House" is really bad, probably the worst song ever made. My kids play it, and when I hear it, I give them chores and say "you're not bored anymore."

A Curious Excursion in an Underground Brookfield Tunnel

Recently, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, I told this person I'd accessed some caves and tunnels in my hometown of Brewster, NY which is just over the NY/CT State Line. He knows how much I love local history, and saw how excited I was about this journey. He told me there was an area of Brookfield, CT that I needed to see, one that most residents have never seen. He told me about a tunnel, one that was not far away from where we were sitting. I made note of the conversation and bookmarked the destination for a future trip. 

Drone Captures Crystal Clear Images of Brookfield From High Above

While cruising Youtube recently I found a video that captured my attention, drone footage from high above Brookfield, CT. The video happened to be of a section of Brookfield right above the radio station I've been worked at for 21 years, I-95.

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