Is this an idea whose time has come?

I don't think I'd get much push back on the belief that hardened criminals need to stay behind bars. Do the crime, do the time. But we all know that a lot of people are sitting in jail for reasons that go way beyond heinous activities.

Connecticut's Governor is looking to make a change.

In a story from Governor Dan Malloy is pushing to make a difference. Malloy is making a case to state lawmakers to approve his plan to reform the bail system in Connecticut. There is, of course, two sides to the debate. It appears Malloy is fighting for reform because of people's lack of funds to post bail.

Governor Malloy had this to say in

As we sit here today, hundreds of Connecticut residents are locked up, not because they are a dangerous threat, but because they are poor. No one should be sitting behind bars simply because they are poor

While that may be true, I have to think the issue of bail reform is not so cut and dry. Looks like some lawmakers are telling the Governor, not so fast.

Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane was quoted in saying:

It's very important to go down and look at these cases and really narrow it down to how many people are really being held only on a misdemeanor and no other charges pending ... and no other risk factors and it comes down to a very small number. I think we need a lot more of a deeper study before we take the next steps that the governor wants to take

There are good points on both sides of this debate, and I think it would always be important to know all the risks involved. We should find out some time this Spring whether Malloy's proposal for getting rid of cash bail for most low-level, nonviolent crimes passes.

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