It's so strange to think that people around this country can pay so many different prices for a case of America's signature cheap beers. But, you know you love your beer, and you don't want to pay a fortune for it either, so if you live in Connecticut you're in good shape -- here's why:

A website called Simple Thrifty Living analyzed the cost of 24-packs of Bud Light and Miller Lite around the country.  They took prices from urban and rural areas in every state to really try to get a solid picture, and what they found was pretty fascinating. Especially if you're used to paying top-dollar for everything in Connecticut.

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

People in Michigan pay the least for beer.  The average price for a 24-pack is $14.62 or about 61 cents per can.

Now here's the good part, the rest of the Top 5 cheapest are in order -- California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Connecticut.

Yes, Connecticut has some of the cheapest beer prices in the entire country. While people in California pay $14.87 for a case, Illinois price was $15.00 a case, and in North Carolina people are paying $15.23, here in Connecticut (are you ready for this?) you'll pay only $15.96 a case.

Now, even if you cross state lines and head to Rhode Island, you'll need to bring $21.10 to get your case, and in Massachusetts, it'll cost you $17.94 a case. If you head to Brewster or anywhere in New York State, that case will cost you $19.25.

People in Pennsylvania pay the most for beer, the average 24-pack costs $21.98. The rest of the five most expensive states are Tennessee, Texas, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.

So when it comes to drinking some cheap beer, Connecticut's not a bad place to be. Now we just need Now if your looking for something a little more upscale, and still don't want to pay a lot, then check out our Brews and BBQ Festival July 22nd at the Ives Concert Park.