A new issue has been raised for some Connecticut residents. What are their concerns?

Truth be told, I don't want to live directly under massive power lines, and I really wouldn't want to be right next to a power plant either. I know it can be out of your control as a homeowner, but it doesn't mean you can't speak up about it.

There's a new power plant under construction just over the Connecticut border and many residents are concerned. The natural, gas fired power plant is under construction in the town of Dover, New York. A website has been established by Cricket Valley Energy, cricketvalley.com and on it it states:

This Web site is part of an extensive public outreach program that has been in place throughout the approval process to inform and involve the residents of Dover and surrounding neighbors. Information about construction, community benefits, and project progress will be updated frequently

It seems, though, that some Connecticut neighbors have concerns. A story at newstimes.com says the plant is less than 10 miles from New Milford, Kent, and Sherman, and residents are worried that the plant will fill the air around it with airborne chemicals.

Right or wrong, power plants are a part of our country. And often, the long range affect has caused problems in communities. This plant is scheduled to be online by the year 2020. It looks like activists and some members of these Connecticut towns are hoping to change that.
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