Anytime I have a chance to talk about hockey, I'm going to. The people around me are probably so over it by now but I just don't care.

It's a stressful but exciting time for hockey fans right now as we watch our teams (if we were lucky enough) battle through the playoffs to see who is taking home that cup. One of my favorite things to do is look to see where these players came from originally. When I see players from around our local area, I get excited.

I am a Rangers fan, so that's the game I'm focused on. I didn't look into the rosters of the Oilers or the Stars because they're not my concern right now. Talk to me next round. The New York Rangers are set up to battle the Florida Panthers in round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the first game is tomorrow, May 22.

Rosters are always stacked with players from all over, so when I see CT next to their name, I get excited. Where did they go to high school? College? The nitty gritty interests me.

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Did you know that one of the current New York Rangers is from Milford? It turned into a full life-360 moment. Jonathan Quick, who was born in Milford and grew up in Hamden, is the current backup goalie for New York's starter, Igor Shesterkin. After attending high school in Hamden, it is said that he transferred to Avon Old Farms for hockey. Quick spent most of his career with the LA Kings, and in 2023 was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights. After serving as a backup goalie for them, it is said that he decided to "take the opportunity to sign with the Rangers, the team he had grown up watching as a child in Connecticut." Watching your favorite teams growing up wishing you can be one of them to actually living out that dream is unmatched.

Like I previously mentioned, the Rangers are playing the Florida Panthers for this next round. As I took a look at Florida's roster, I noticed that they have a player from Connecticut as well. The funny part? He's the backup goalie as well. Spencer Knight was the No. 13 pick by Florida in the 2019 NHL Draft and signed a three-year entry-level contract with the Florida Panthers, according to their website. Knight is from Darien, Connecticut. He did one year at Darien High School and then transferred to Avon Old Farms for hockey. He wanted to become a goalie after watching Lundqvist on the New York Rangers growing up.

Two Connecticut goalies who were fans of the Rangers are now playing each other in the 3rd round Stanley Cup Finals on two NHL teams. One with their childhood favorite team and one against it. What a story that is to tell.

Even though they may just be watching, they are a still part of the team and I can only imagine how exhilarating of a time it is. I guess we will see who wins the battles in the games to come.

If you need me tomorrow at 8, I will be glued to my TV for game 1. Let's go Rangers!

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