2024 is going to be a Big Year for my hometown of Torrington, Connecticut, not only do we have Burr Pond attracting everybody in Litchfield County, the biggest celebrity to stay in town for more than a day is coming back for a red carpet premiere.

2024 is the Year of Erik Estrada in Torrington, as was 2023. It was just over a year ago that legendary tv actor Erik Estrada wheeled into town with a production year to film episodes of a new show called Divine Renovation. The description of the show is "What happens when home enhancements, a spiritual uplift, and Erik Estrada shows that kindness matters?" I'll answer that question - It made every Torrington resident that drove by while they were filming say "OH MY GOD, IS THAT ERIK ESTRADA?" My wife and I caught a glimpse of the infamous actor on S. Main Street as they were in the midst of renovating FISH of NWCT.

Divine Renovation: Destination New England is the second season of the series, and it was shot in Torrington, and around Litchfield County last year. The initial premiere was slated for Summer 2023, but delays have pushed that red carpet premiere to Thursday, June 20, 2024 at the Warner Theater in Torrington. Estrada will be coming back for the event, and a preview of the upcoming season will be shown. VIP Meet & Greet tickets are available for an extra charge, so if you've ever wanted to invite Mr. Estrada to see your classic CHiPs collection, now is the time.

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