So heartbreaking when a life comes to an end in such a horrific and tragic way.

This is a story of marriage and murder in the Connecticut town of Shelton. A story that reared it's ugly head back in 2015, but apparently began much before that.

The New Haven Register is reporting on the next phase of the events that took place on the night of Sept. 27, 2015 when Lisa Infante was shot dead in her bed.

After fleeing the state, her husband Thomas eventually returned and surrendered to authorities. Fast forward to April of 2018 and Thomas Infante of Shelton now facing 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to the killing of his wife. Infante entered the guilty plea to first degree manslaughter for the shooting death of his wife Lisa in 2015. With a marriage apparently headed for divorce and further reports of infidelity, the outcome is still so very tragic.

Infante's guilty plea comes as jury selection was about to begin in his trial.

May Lisa's children, family and friends find some closure, and may she rest in peace.

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