Dude, you must really love the free room and board. Underneath it all, though, is a bigger picture that appears to not be being addressed.

Another perfect example of the old adage, "some people will never learn." This Connecticut man is making a career out of being a criminal.

The Hartford Courant is reporting about a Connecticut man who once again finds himself behind bars. A place he knows well, seeing as he's been arrested now 131 times.

This time 'round, 56-year-old Leroy Mims broke into a home in Hartford Connecticut. Turns out, the owner was home and she was able to call police from a safe room in her house. The story goes on to say that Mims has been arrested in the past for every thing from assaulting police officers, domestic assault, criminal trespass and more.

I also noticed in the article that Mims has lived in Connecticut all his life and is receiving disability checks. It's so sad to me that with a track record like his that more hasn't been done over the years to get him the help he appears to need. Thankfully, no one has ever died at his hand, but what a waste of tax payers' dollars to keep putting him behind bars but not dealing with the overall issue.

I can only imagine that upon his eventual release his pattern will continue. Hopefully, no one pays the ultimate price for that.

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