Just a heads up, if you're still in high school, you may want to avoid talking about purchasing an assault rifle.

According to ctpost.com, Ledyard High School Principal Amanda Fagan told officials that a 17-year-old high school student made the following comment during a first period class on Thursday:

I could buy an AR-15.

The student allegedly made the comment the day following the Parkland School shooting where 17 people lost their lives. The AR-15 assault rifle was the weapon used in the attack.

School administrators reportedly called police shortly after the comment was made and the student was charged in juvenile court with threatening and breach of peace. The student did not make direct threats to students or school personnel.

Do you think the student should have been arrested just for saying, "I could buy an AR-15?"

According to an article on the website bbc.com in regards to the Parkland shooting, court documents said the shooter confessed in court that he was the gunman and that he was carrying extra ammunition in a black duffel bag and backpack. The shooter did purchase the firearm legally.

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