We are past the words "thoughts and prayers" meaning anything. If you are a good and decent human being, you FEEL these events. These tragic shootings are too frequent, they are evil, terrible, and need to stop.

I am in the "word" business. I say words for money. There are no words left on this topic that have not been said, and have not been printed. That being said, we can not sit there and do the whole show the way we normally do when something of this magnitude happens. We struggle with these topics on the Ethan and Lou Show, because it is a huge departure, a world away, from what we do and talk about. We do what we can with these topics to be as respectful as we can. We decided to bring in Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to discuss the issue from both a national and local perspective. Here's what he had to say:

It's really awful. Innocent people are dying while we argue and spin our wheels.

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