Couldn't get tickets to the Greenwich Town Party featuring Eric Clapton because you don't live in Greenwich? Don't feel bad, neither could most of Greenwich apparently.

Tickets for the concert and picnic went on sale this morning at 10 AM. By 10:02 all tickets had been sold. This is not that surprising, considering the headliner is Eric. Freaking. Clapton. There were 6100 tickets available. In a town of 61,000, it stands to reason that at least 10% of the population is aware of the global superstar and might want to attend one of his only concert appearances of the year.

This logic does not seem to mollify the Greenwich residents, who have been blowing up the event's Facebook page with accusations of bots, Russian tampering, and, (gasp) people who don't actually live in Greenwich but work there!

Among the complaints:

It is sad that longtime residents, can not go to the Greenwich Town Party that is organized FOR residents.


This is garbage. We're Greenwich residents and we've been super excited for this since it was announced. Refreshing at 958AM and its sold out at 10AM on the dot. Complete scam. Family is going to be so disappointed when I tell them.


This is a disappointment and Greenwich Town Party needs to find a solution ASAP. Anyone can check a box saying they live in Greenwich . Bots are what bought your tickets, and essentially stole them from the Greenwich residents who were eager to attend this event

GTP organizers replied to the complaints with a statement that all ticket purchasers' addresses would be verified within two weeks, and if that person was found to not actually live or work in Greenwich, they would be denied tickets and their purchase price refunded, minus service fees.

I did a quick check of Stubhub and a couple of resale sites and was unable to find any tickets, so it seems that bots did not get all the tickets. There was one Facebook post that alerted me to a Craigslist post offering tickets at $600, bragging about his connections and closing with "also I'm single if your a hot girl." (sic)

You need to do what I've been doing for the last half hour and read some of the angry Facebook posts in your best Thurston W. Howell III voice. I know that makes me a horrible, awful, little, little, little person, but I don't care.

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