A new web based information tool will soon be available to anyone living in or coming to Danbury.

There is a lot that Danbury has to offer its residents as well as visitors. Sometimes, finding all the information quickly and all available on one online site is not easy. That should be solved soon, and here's why:

In a story from newstimes.com, the city is promoting a website to businesses and organizations that they say will be put together by residents for residents. The article says that the idea is to create a publicly accessible website that customizes content to the user’s location and preferences, while giving businesses, organizations and nonprofits to opportunity to promote their activities. Mayor Mark Boughton told the News Times:

Wherever you are in the city, when you log in, you will get a listing of events and restaurants in walking distance to you. There will be a community calendar and an interactive map and eventually there will be a review piece to it where you can hook into Yelp

The name of the new site is DiscoverDanbury.live and its purpose is to let anyone who navigates it to easily find events and services throughout the Danbury area that are most important to each individual.

Hat's off to Danbury for another forward thinking idea.

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