The Greater Danbury area is no slouch when it comes to nightlife. There are so many local hot spots to choose from and they all have a different personality, which is why I had a crazy thought.

What personalities would our local bars have if they were women and not inanimate bars?

We all have different characteristics, and so do our local bars. So, in order to find your perfect fit, let me introduce you to some local favorites:


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    Widow Brown's

    128 Federal Road, Danbury

    Born and raised in these parts, Charlotte's friends call her "Sharley". She couldn't wait to go away to college, because she just "had to get out of this town." While she was away, she realized that home wasn't so bad after all. Now she's back, and is all about this little edge of the Nutmeg state. You will see her with her friends, who pretty much all have the same background story, cheering on the local talent on Open Mic Night.

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    Molly Darcy's

    39 A Mill Plain Road, Danbury

    Amanda married her high school sweetheart right after graduation.There are not many things more important to her than her four kids, her 3,000 square foot house, and girl's night out. She likes to think that her best friends may as well be the cast from Sex in the City but in reality, her besties are all pretty much living the same life. They love letting their hair down, drinking Appletinis, sharing Spud Skins, and laughing about the in-crowd in high school who are now fat and bald while they are still hot moms, even if they do drive sensible SUVs.

  • Photo Credit: Liz Kaye
    Photo Credit: Liz Kaye


    227 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel

    Wendy killed it in her school production of Sound of Music. She feels totally at home in this cozy wine bar. She sips Prosecco and munches on Cauliflower Wings while she reminisces in her mind about the album art on the wall. She can tell you exactly where she was when she bought each one and has most of them in her collection on her iPhone 7.

  • Credit: Townsquare Media Danbury
    Credit: Townsquare Media Danbury

    TK's American Cafe

    255 White Street, Danbury

    You hear that? Yup, that's Jessie! She is the one in the loud Yankees vs. Red Sox discussion with another patron that doesn't know what he just got himself into. If she's not playing field hockey, you can catch Jessie at TK's with her fellow sports-nut pals. While they share wings and beer, they're also debating Giants vs. Patriots or Rangers vs. Islanders.

  • Credit: Ethan Carey
    Credit: Ethan Carey


    15 Milestone Road, Danbury

    You will rarely see Heather in jeans. In fact, she only owns one pair. She is so used to the long hours as an executive in New York City, that her business casual wardrobe has become her weekend attire as well. You will see her with Matthew, her boyfriend of five years. She is dining on a baby arugula salad, sipping California Chardonnay before heading home to watch This Is Us, which they set their DVR to record the whole season. All of Heather's friends are getting married and this year alone, she has bought five different dresses and pairs of shoes for bridesmaid's duties.

  • Credit: Google
    Credit: Google

    Square One

    24 Mill Plain Road, Danbury

    Once a week, you will find Melissa with her co-workers here for Happy Hour. She really doesn't have much time, but she manages to squeeze in Blarney Stones and a Loosy Goosy before she heads to the board meeting at her condo complex tonight at 8:00 pm.

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    Credit: Google


    35 Lake Avenue Extension, Danbury

    Morgan graduated from college five years ago and is a social worker in Hartford. With her huge caseload and all of the things she deals with for her clients every day, she just wants to let her hair down and share a "Joey Grapefruits" craft cocktail and some Truffle Brussel Sprouts with her friends.

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