This Democratic candidate for governor has two visions — to bring the Whalers back to Connecticut and to rent out rooms in the Governor's Mansion in 2019.

According to the News Times, the Connecticut Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Michael Stewart Greenstein, would like to use the platform is to bring back the Hartford Whalers from North Carolina, and he's already begun the process of renting rooms inside the Governor's Mansion through Airbnb starting in 2019. This is what Airbnb had to say to the News Times about Greenstein's actions:

While we appreciate Mr. Greenstein's support for home sharing, contingency listings like this do not meet our community standards. We are in the process of suspending this listing.

To some, this might appear to be a bizarre political move, but this guy is serious. According to Greenstein's website,, he claims by renting the bedrooms in the Governor's Residence at $200 a pop, it would slowly cut into the state's deficit. Before the Airbnb listing was taken down Greenstein told the News Times:

Our first guest has booked one bedroom for the week following my inauguration. Booking the WHOLE home will be available when there are no state functions.

What else does candidate Mark Greenstein stand for? Check out this video:

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